Saturday, August 30, 2008

Songs Stuck in my Head Series: Dog eat Dog -- Adam and the Ants

I've been watching the phrase "Friend or Foe" in my bookmarks (it's an article about crows you'll see in a few days) up on my computer for a day or so, and it made me think of the Adam and the Ants song of the same name. But -- that's not the best of their songs in my opinion, so ya'll are getting this one. Adam his'self claims it's his favorite because of the difficulty of pulling it off.

I remember that, before I saw the band on TV and realized that they had two drummers, I thought they had the most stupendous drummer of all time. It was when their first big song hit in Cali -- we used to sing it as "Stand on My Liver." Good times.

Enjoy flashbacks to a more torturous, innocent time,


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