Monday, August 25, 2008

Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization

I found this article in the newest Adbusters on "hipsters," quite interesting. It is a bit scathing, but then again most articles in Adbusters are. The author makes some pretty cogent points -- whether they apply to "hipsters" or not could be debated, but they're cogent nonetheless.

In most cases, use of the term "hipster" is meant as a put-down. But then again -- the folks who do this the most are often accused of being hipsters themselves. It's so post-modern.

In many circles, Portland is known as a serious West-coast hipster enclave. Case in point, this enormous list of bars considered Hipster Bars on Barfly.

There is a certain amount of introspection about this sentiment in Portland media, my personal favorite is Chas Bowie's contemplation on the subject in The Portland Mercury. I like his "hipster or a-hole" angle on the subject.

Enjoy your contemplations of this culture's current crop of intelligencia [I mean anti-intelligencia, I mean bohemians, oh never mind],


Ps: Worthy or scorn or not, I do find the tight-leg pants incomprehensible, whether on men or women. They look good on no-one, which I know is the point, but...

[via Uncle Ted, yet again. Photo credit in linked article.]


Matt said...

What is a hipster then? I'm I feel like I know hipster when I see it. But this decontrstruction in the Mercurty! Arggh. I'm too old to be a hipster now, so I guess I don't care how people use it.

Good Reverend said...

re: skinny jeans link - in future please include a warning.

"My eyes! My eyes! Oh G*d!!!!!!!"

Kate said...

pffft, that photo is nothing. You want to see *real* eye-bleach images, hit up the peets on 15th and broadway. I'll be the one in the normal sized pants, trying not to look at my boyfriend's friends. ugh. this trend can not end soon enough.