Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jumping in on the Biden decision

So I had written Biden off as vanilla and boring, when Msherm came out in the comments and stated his opinion. I'm intrigued and wanted to post it here to start off a discussion about Biden as V.P. choice. So far, I've not done enough research to justify my knee-jerk opinions of the guy, so I'm going to let Msherm talk:

Biden is 1000% times better than Clark for me. I actually like the choice. Sure he's a long term senator but I'd hardly say he's run of the mill. Not to mention his incredible trials in his personal life he's always been someone willing to go beyond simplistic ideas that appeal to marketed politics and challenge ideas. As well he has the least income of any senator in washington and he could very easily make that change but has decided against it. Granted he's still not poor but it does say something about his character that in 35 years in washington he hasn't cashed in in a significant way.

He makes his senate salary (165k) plus about 25k other income from what looks like a teaching gig. This year he is writing a book so made some extra money on that 100k. But all in all he's dramatically less than his fellow senators.

Plus he's an asshole, and I love the assholes as you might know.

I'd encourage you to look into him a little more rather than trust the blogosphere on this one (you may have and still came to that conclusion) but if you haven't give him a second look. More to him than just a life in washington.

Clark is a douche imo and is and has always been a Clinton puppet. i used to like the guy ok but I think he's a DLC tool.

Enjoy friends who keep you honest (that goes for you too Chuck Butcher),


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Chuck Butcher said...

I've watched Biden do "retail" politics and he's a champ. He may be able to strip the skin off McCain - with a smile. I don't care much about the perception part (experience)but the media is ga-ga. I suppose we'll see.

Chuck Butcher said...

Thanks for the shout out, BTW. I like this place. Run of the mill, it ain't.

Bpaul said...

Honored by the company, to be sure.


msherm said...

woah if I had known I was going to the big show I would have altered my language a bit!

Bpaul said...

I thought about sending you an email before I grabbed it sherm, but thought though luck you already posted.


Bpaul said...

Ps: the language seems fine to me

Katye said...

Fucking Alvar!

Dale said...

Biden strikes me as the kind of political candidate that people often say they want -- experienced, dedicated, passionate, and unafraid to speak his mind. But what people actually vote for doesn't necessarily match what they say they want.

I like Biden. I love the idea of his being VP.