Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Removing pine pitch from clothing

When I was at the Metolius River last month, I sat down on a bench under a big Ponderosa Pine. When I stood up, I heard and felt the pants pulling up multiple globs of thick pitch off the bench. These were my favorite pants, of course, some Carhart denim -- and I figured I had just made another pair of work pants.

I found out tonight that rubbing alcohol, when soaked generously into the fabric and scrubbed vigorously with a rough alcohol soaked rag, will remove the pitch. Of all the substances I read to use for removing pitch (WD-4, kerosene, hand sanitizer)rubbing alcohol looked to be the easiest on the fabric. The pants aren't dried yet, but by everything I've seen so far, it looks to have worked just fine.

If something shows up after drying, this post will be edited.

Enjoy saving a fine pair of duds,



Kate said...

I've used lighter fluid with good effects...just occasional slight discolouration =)
given that the clothes I usually got pitch on were generally also covered in grass stains and mud, I didn't care overly much.

Tate said...

in a pinch hand sanitizer will work, since i believe it is rubbing alcohol LOL

Jim Blackwood, Jr. said...

My solution is to NEVER go anywhere I can't get room service. Though I don't have a solution for dribbling my IPA.

GourdRevered said...

I've used turpentine to good effect - think lacquers; shellac, harvested from trees but actually a female bug secretion, uses isopropyl alcohol as a solvent - why not try ethanol for giggles?

"Bartender, another shot, and one for my pants."

stingite said...

Here in utah, pitch means to throw a softball at a guy with a mullet who is holding an aluminum stick (called a bat). This can result in blood stains. We use zout. It is also good at removing lipstick from collars. /blush

p.s. nice save on the pants!

Bpaul said...