Thursday, August 21, 2008

P.U.H. -- the Portland Urban Hayseed

Sometimes, when I'm driving home with a couple bales of straw strapped to the roof of the Subaru, little kids wave while I'm on the freeway. This got me thinking, that must look a bit unusual. And the other day, when I finally cleaned out the back of said wagon, I coined a term in my head -- the Portland Urban Hayseed.

I had been driving around with 100 lbs. of chicken feed, multiple large jars and bowls for berry picking, a clam rake, and a bunch of scrap metal in the back seat. I had to keep remembering that it was temporarily a two-seater due to all the crap in the car. I laughed as I was unloading all the stuff and thought, "my god, what a hayseed" and Boom, a new epithet was born.

I know a few other folks who live the PUH lifestyle, and I think I'm going to run it past them, see if we can get it to stick.

[What's the photo have to do with being a Hayseed? I dunno, it was one of the wiki commons responses to a search for the word -- "a California Hayseed" it's called. Wiki commons photos can be used without fear of copyright infringement, so there we go.]

Enjoy the spawn of a new label,



A.Stock said...

I recognize the stereotype. I always thought of it as a slightly urban hippie with the tiniest pinch of redneck. Actually...maybe rednecks are just well armed, non-socially conscious hippies with trucks? Are PUH's typically armed?

Bpaul said...

I would have to say not typically. Tho, depending on your stance regarding somewhat large belt knives, I could be considered armed the grand majority of the time.

Anonymous said...

Keep that clam rake handy for when I visit. I LOVE the PUH designation...feels vaguely familiar if you add #300 watercolor paper, paints and 2 jars of water, lids slightly askew...damn. va momma