Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scads of Gorillas found!

Looks like the Wildlife Conservation Society may have found a ginormous population of wild gorillas. The population of (up to 125,000) mountain gorillas in this remote region of Republic of the Congo still has to be verified. If estimates are correct, this would double the known worldwide count of wild mountain gorillas. Awesome news, especially after all the strife and killings lately.

I wish they'd not even try to print maps of their location, SHHHHH folks geez.

Enjoy good news,


[photo credit in linked article]


Katye said...

Nice photo, dear.

Tate said...

that is a great photo.. too funny and yes i wish they could ust keep it a secret

Bpaul said...

Hey, I just used the one from the discovery article. It was perfect.