Thursday, June 7, 2007

Veruca Salt released from jail

I didn't want to touch this whole Paris Hilton thing, but her being released from jail just begs a comment.

I don't care who she is, I care about what it says. It says so much, but definitely, first and foremost, it says if you have enough money the rules don't apply to you. As if we haven't had enough of that with politicians and CEO's over the past couple decades. It says that the prisons don't have to listen to the courts (that's going to be a fun precedent). It says that if you are poor and even worse *gasp* brown, you will go down hard; but if you are rich and white you are still, indelibly, excruciatingly exempt from justice.

Not a good scene. Wish I could be more eloquent, but I'll let it rest at that.


Tate said...

i do have a comment on this. i agree money talks and buys. but i dont think she would even have gone to jail if it wasnt for her money. I know way too many people that have done the same thing she did and not a damn thing happened to them, I think it is all a big media circus and someone is getting their rocks off with seeing their name in the news.
I am personally sick of all of it

Shocho said...

Who they gonna release, Charley Manson? Jails are overcrowded. It's not unusual for first offenders to be released early.

The judge treated her unfairly, most people who did what she did would have gotten a suspended sentence. He wanted to make an example of her.

This should add a lot to her street cred for her first rap album, "Five Days in the Hole."

Bpaul said...

My experience with DUII cases comes from an Oregon perspective, as I have many friends who are criminal defense lawyers. Also, The Wife worked in a DUII intensive supervision program for repeat defenders. In Oregon, at least, DUII is where they draw the line -- there isn't any leniency. But I'm used to hearing how the court dealt with repeat offenders -- and I can assume this is her first.

Point well taken, maybe staying away from this story hasn't given me a good perspective on it.

Tate said...

i think hollywood is a bad story.