Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A better example of singing to the wife over email

I was informed that, although entertaining, the song I posted earlier today wasn't a good representation of the email singing I do for The Wife. She suggested I post something a little more representative. So here is one I dug up from the end of tax season when she was pulling 60 - 70 hour weeks and was starting to get grumpy.

OH look at that huuuuuge lock on tha wallll

It's ticking down



The clockonthewall she be ticking downnnnnnnn


The clockonthewall she be ticking doooownnnnn

She be ticking, she be ticking,

The clockonthewall she be ti -- cking ---- doooowwwwnnnnnnnn

*wild applause*

*over a scratchy mic in a smokey irish bar*

"That's for my wife ladies and gentlemen, she's an accountant, and is eeking out the last days of "the bad season" -- give her a round of applause folks, share the love."

*wild applause*


The Wife's response: "You are so weird."

1 comment:

Tate said...

nice song.. and you are wierd