Wednesday, June 6, 2007

On becoming nocturnal

Steadily, inexorably, I become nocturnal as finals week approaches. I guess, to be more specific, bi-urnal -- a couple hours awake during the day, a couple hours awake during the night, sleep in-between. It's not condusive to my home life, but since it's only for a few weeks at a stretch, damages can be repaired in the interim.

This schedule was modeled to me by Three Cedars (wife of The Good Reverend, mother of the gaggle of children The Wife and I are god-parents too -- or at least weird aunt and uncle's too). I think it was when her 3rd was a toddler still -- she would be up 8 am - about noon, then sleep for a few hours. Dinnertime she would get up and be with the family, then go to work after they were in bed and work til 2-4 am, then come home and sleep a few hours; wash, rinse, repeat. She did this for years, if memory serves. I am getting worn out just doing it for a few weeks at a time.

Good luck to all the PSU students out there, soon the pain will be over.

Everyone else, enjoy your sun-filled, uninterrupted daylight hours.

ps/edit/addon: The reason the study group starts circa 9:30 pm is that it is hosted by Dr. Octagon, single father extordinaire, and Squirt goes to bed by that time so we aren't keeping him up. It's not just because I like to bitch, honest.

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