Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Occasionally I sing to The Wife over email

The title of the email normally is "oooooooohhhhhh" (warming up the throat). Today's tete-a-tete follows:

[starting volley, the singing part]

she's at work and I'm at school

she's at work and I'm at school


she's at work and I'm at schoolllllllllll

and T. cracked cornnnnnn


some don't carrrreeeeeee

[tete-a-tete begins]

Wife: I am glad to see you are feeling appropriately frisky today.

Bp: define frisky.

if it involves bloodshot eyes, lots of swirling pretty colors with the occasional skeleton peeking out from behind the book stacks, then yes I am frisky

Wife: Oh it’s not that bad! The term is almost over!!!

Bp: tell me 'bout the rabbits....

Wife: Rabbits?

Bp: graphes of wrath reference, sorry

Wife [who holds a degree in english lit]: Yikes….I gave up that literature crap ages ago!

Bp: I'm so publishing this.

Wife: Freaking BLOGGER!

Bp: Thank you for your response, this conversation is no longer being recorded.


Tate said...

HAHAHAHA i love this , i can so hear her voice. i am gonna miss her in the desert this year

Katye said...

I'm being EXPLOITED!

*strums tin cup against jailhouse bars*

I will be sending you the " is not a mosquito" vibe while you are in the desert hun! ROCK ON!

Bpaul said...

Oh my

Tate said...

woooot Thank you , thank you
Ricardo said that i should remember that every drop of blood is a thousand prayers and that the mosquits are just helping me donate

CtheG said...

hahaha! I can hear KT and BP going back and forth. cracks me UP!
I miss it! keep it comin.