Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Awesome beyond belief -- Stevie Wonder performs "Superstition" live on Sesame Street

I blatantly grabbed this off a new favorite blog of mine Your Daily Awesome. The song and the clothes alone are fly beyond reason, but add the little kid rocking out at the top of the stairs and this is quickly becoming my favorite youtube of the year.




Andrew said...'re right. i forgot how much this song kicked ass.

and the kid on the balcony is friggin hilarious.

nice find. i'll have to put this on a few of my sites too.

Bpaul said...

What I didn't but needed to put in the post above was that this is one of my favorite songs as well. Just love it.

CtheG said...

jerry thinks it is awesome too. I was laughing so hard - I imagined that little boy being YOU rockin out when you were yesterday. Totally cracked me up.

Bpaul said...

You've seen the collage in my kitchen no? There's a picture in there of me at 2 years old with HUUUGE headphones on, looking like I just finished an enormous spliff. LOL... dooood....

stingite said...

Loved it. 2 comments:

1- white, tight shirt, guitar man-boob.
2- Where's the gosh darn muppets? Hehe. I guess that kid rocking out was muppet enough--truly bearing his inner muppet.

Bpaul said...

I watched another video of Liberace playing an ode to birds on the muppett show, in that one it was hard to tell WHO the muppett was.

Stu Farnham said...

Superb, dunno how I missed it.

For the Stevie lovers, check this out: