Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pretty much my favorite band ever: Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues

Ok, home from finals, time to put on some music. This Band was fantastic, and I'm sad they broke up. They have very few videos to chose from, but I picked this because the lyrics are simply brilliant -- especially if you've ever lived in L.A. Doughty nails it.

As my friends know, I'm a sucker for a heavy funky baselines, as well as fusion (Doughty calls some of their music "deep slacker jazz"), as well as stand up bass, as well as surrealist/poetic lyrics. So -- here we are with Soul Coughing, who consist of singer/rhythm guitar, sample machine, jazz drummer (who is astounding), and stand up acoustic bass. Plus, as a poet and lyricist I think Doughty kicks butt. There is so much intimated and hinted at in the tone and word choice of his songs, the writing between the lines is dense and very witty.

This song is off their debut album Ruby Vroom, which is probably their best. Their Second Album has some great stuff on it, but wasn't as strong. Their third album, El Oso, was just as strong as the first but in different ways. Ruby Vroom is very lyrically oriented, and I'm into that. Just know this song is only one of their many styles, they have stuff that's much more electronic sounding, stuff that's much more "dancey" and stuff that's quieter. Your best bet, if you haven't bought anything before, will be the Best Of Album. I've perused it and they made good choices.

Enjoy, I'mma go pack.



Tate said...

i fucking love soul coughing.

Bpaul said...

Really? I so never knew!!

Brothers of different mothers I tell you.

CU soon, bruthaman.

CtheG said...

oh - Jerry and I listen to this often and I always laugh out loud because it reminds me of you. Reminds me of driving in Santa Fe NM, on our way to a workshop on the ranch. My first. It was a memorable time for me. And that music is the soundtrack.
totally love them. Jerry and I want to name our dog Ruby vroom. But since we may haave a child before we get the dog,,,if it's a girl,,,she may be ruby vroom!