Monday, June 25, 2007

Video of two of my favorite things: Pika and Sir David Attenborough

These little guys are one of my favorite animals in Oregon. They were all over the talus slopes I hiked in the fire lookout days. Something about the look of them all stretched out when they call just kills me.

Them plus one of my personal heroes, Sir David Attenborough, makes for a clip worthy of sharing.

If you are hiking in the high country, take note of the sound of these calls -- I can guarantee you will hear it often in the Oregon Cascades.


CtheG said...


Muse said...

That was awesome, I love David Attenborough. Of course, you've seen this one, right?

Bpaul said...

That was some fantastic David footage LOL. I have seen that clip in The Life of Birds series, but I still am flabbergasted by the camera and chainsaw sounds the little bugger makes.