Monday, June 25, 2007

Bullet the Blue Sky, glad to hear it again

Feel free to ignore the video and just listen to the song. I have no connection with the tv show it depicts, but it's the only source I could find for the studio version of the song on the whole internet (would love for someone to provide me a link to the 'real' music video if you find it!).

I was watching a trailer for The Kingdom, which will be coming out in September, when I heard this song being used. It reminded me how much I've always loved it, then and now.

I think this piece is unique for U2, and in my opinion is their best song.

The movie I am highly suspicious of, and will be watching with a critical eye. The chance that it has a hidden or not so hidden ulterior P.R. motive is great, considering the timing of the thing. The possibilities are just about endless for what angle is being presented in it. I was going to speculate but I'll just wait on that. No need to get all conspiratorial so soon after a great trip to the wilderness.

Enjoy the music,



Tate said...

SPAM!!! i cant freaking believe you have spam on this now.... that sucks shit.
I was so happy to not have to put all those stupid numbers and letters in the verification box too

Bpaul said...

One button and it's nuked. I think a click from me every week or so is worth not having everyone needing to verify every time they comment.

We'll see if it gets worse.