Tuesday, June 12, 2007

D-day, Zells for Last Supper

Alrighty folks, it's D-day. I'll post something informative and interesting in the near future, but for now it's all about Evolution and Chemistry. Didn't want to throw another video up to "just have posted" something, so this will be my placeholder.

Going out to breakfast with Captain America and Big Chocolate at Zells cafe. I'll leave the reviews, for now, to the professionals, but say that until further notice Zells is my favorite brunch place in town. Has been for years. We used to joke that everything had Gruyere cheese in it -- but is this really a crime?

Anyway, A day of studying only punctuated by my Chemistry test tonight. I will post again before I leave for the desert, a little explanation.

Enjoy your sunny and test-free days,



Tate said...

my thoughts are with while you are taking the tests my friend.. good luck
I will be seeing you on thursday eve out on the land. we are heading up there tomorrow (wednesday) eve. Ricardo is excited about being in ceremony with you. i am happy that you will be in camp supporting

CtheG said...

good luck with all the tests today!
I am being tested too! :)
feels like a mitote and a power journey all wrapped up nicely with a sweet little bow on top.
have a great time in the dessert. I think I might already be there in some small way.

Kate said...

luck B =)

Bpaul said...

Thanks ya'll. Looking forward to this summer, I tell ya.

stingite said...


*bum smack