Friday, January 9, 2009

Spinner shark parties near a surfer

In our house, animal behaviors that are hard to see as anything but the animal having a good time are entitled "fucking-about behavior." Now although I know this spinning vertical leap that the Spinner shark performs is supposed to be directly related to feeding on schooling fish -- it seriously looks like fucking-about behavior to me. [For the geekier set, here is a more extensive link with Spinner shark info]

Maybe it's both. "Woohoo, I just scored tons of grub! Time to dance!"

Anyway, the video below captures a dandy spin so I thought I'd share it. The proximity to the surfer is probably of interest to some as well.

Surfing with Spinner Sharks - Watch more free videos

Enjoy watching animals perform behaviors that are hard not to anthropomorphize,


Ps: Note, when my good friend Sharky, the author of The Chum Slick blog, says "Shark Party" he means something entirely different than fucking-about behavior.

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Anonymous said...

Hey while in Hawaii we saw them all the time. They are something else. Jim surfed with 30 of them at Pohoki. We have some photos of them and guess what, there was a shark right there with them. Insane!