Thursday, January 15, 2009

High voltage line inspector -- via helicopter

I dig this guy's Wilfred Brimley voice, the video quality on this short clip is great, and the subject matter is interesting. But in the end, it makes me want to heave. It's not the heights, it's the voltage. I've been hit so many times in the course of my career I couldn't count them all, and it just makes your gut churn. Even a little jolt. Just watching the arcs come off of this guys test stick made me queasy.

Enjoy not doing this guy's job, as much as he digs it,


[via Butternutjelly]


Kathy said...

That's CRAZY! cool

Marty said...

Watched a documentary on people that work on 2000 foot TV towers a while back. Gave me the same sort of queasy, "omg are we gonna see a guy die horribly here" feeling watching this clip. I know these sort of jobs pay well, but really....

"Let me see if I have this right. You'll pay me 100 dollars an hour to get dropped off by a helicopter on a high voltage line 200 feet in the air to slide along it and inspect it, or ten bucks an hour to work at McDonalds?"

"Yeah, any questions?"

"Ummm.. yeah...Would you like fries with that?"