Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Awesome -- Stevie Wonder "You Haven't Done Nothin'

You don't hear much outspokenly political music on the radio nowadays, not on popular radio, anyway. This song was all over the charts in its day, Stevie wrote it for Nixon. I think it's entirely appropriate to play for the departing Dubya. If you really want to bring it home, here are the lyrics. This post has a few other blatantly political songs, and many of them much newer than Stevie's masterwork below. But, you probably don't have to listen to all of them, as I expect I'll be poaching that post for a while and posting samples here.

Thanks to my Ex-Pat Uncle Ted for suggesting I look up this song. Perfect post for the Saturday Morning Awesome.

Enjoy the power of good music to bring home a point,



Estu (back from limbo) said...

All the political music is not gone.

There's Steve Earle, for one. Springsteen did a tribute album to Pete Seeger, for another. And Joan Baez is still out there.

Bpaul said...

And don't forget Dead Prez and Rage Against the Machine, and Michael Franti/Spearhead.

No, it's not gone, but the airwaves aren't exactly humming with it either. I wonder how many pop hits or billboard hits in the last 10 years could be considered political compared to the 60's 70's.