Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Insane people jumping off cliffs for sport -- Base jumping in Norway

So Patrick Gracewood sent me this video. It's amazing enough to me that folks would jump off cliffs and then parachute for sport. But these wingsuits are prompting even crazier actions. Now, instead of trying to get away from the mountainside so they can parachute safely, they are buzzing it for a while first before they open the chute.

Here is video documenting this craziness.

Enjoy insanity vicariously through video,



Katye said...

They look like those flying squirrels with the skin flaps.

You know...those little dudes biff it against a tree sometimes and knock the stuffing out of themselves and they aren't going NEARLY as fast.

These dudes are NUTZO in my book.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to the NUTZO judgement -- on the other hand, Darwin's studies showed the ultimate connectivity of all things given time, continual, no, they're 'way over the top...(!)

I do think our little flying squirrel is out there on eBay looking for a cool little red parachute, though. va momma

Kate said...

I am clearly not meant to contribute to the gene pool because I so totally want one of those suits!

Maybe not quite so close to the cliff and impending doom though.....