Saturday, January 24, 2009

For the record: I support Sam Adams

I'm probably ruining any chance of certain types of jobs by these "for the record" posts. But, I don't care.

For the record, I could give two shits about Sam Adams having consensual sex with an adult who is younger than he is. My first serious lover was nearly 10 years older than I was, and our first date was on my 18th birthday too -- I understand Sam.

Although it is messy and "looks bad," I could also give two shits about him lying about it. *insert collective gasp here*

The sanctimonious nature of the discussion about this in local media takes my breath away. OF COURSE he lied about it, he is a member of a very oppressed and beaten-down minority that is vilified and hated for doing exactly what he was accused of doing -- having sex with a man. OF COURSE his knee-jerk reaction was to try and cover it up. He knew what was coming down the pike if he didn't.

It was the wrong decision. Have you ever made wrong decisions? He's now got to have the guts to stand up and admit this, and keep going to work. There's a character builder for you. He survives that emotional shitstorm, and he'll be a stronger man for it. I want strong, tempered men in politics instead of these fake, showboating blowhards we tend to get.

People who are naive enough to think that politicians don't lie on a daily basis stupefy me. Hell, there are weeks when I lie on a daily basis -- just to get out of uncomfortable social circumstances. Yes, I work hard not to have to live that way, but shit happens.

Don't let the sanctimonious, know-it-all nature of the current herd mentality tell you how to think. Make up your own mind about Sam Adams, and when you do, think about throwing the first stone.

Here is Dan Savage giving his words on the issue:

Enjoy changing the way fear-based politics works by not buying in,



matt_stansberry said...

I was hoping we'd get your take on this. I'm a little too far removed to have an intelligent opinion.

Bpaul said...

The more i hear about his conduct around this issue, the more weird it's sounding. But yes, on the basic and simple premise that he lied about having consensual sex with an adult -- I don't fucking care.

His weird thing with taking an ad out and some slimy looking political maneuvers around this whole event makes my support a bit more equivocal (if that's the phrase).

It's the whole "he's not a saint, oh my god vilify him" vibe that makes me want to earp.

Trappin' Pat said...

It's cheaper to keep him. I voted for him biased on his ideas building Portland into a sustainable city--let’s let him get to work and judge him on his work performance. To call for him to quit or support a recall over one known period of sleazy & private behavior is a misappropriation of our time and money.