Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beyond Awesome: Galloway eats Sky News for lunch over Israeli aggression

First off -- Sky News is the Murdoch owned news agency in Britian, meaning Sky news = Fox news. Secondly, the last few seconds of this video are even more amazing than the beginning is. This guy so soundly kicks the propaganda surrounding Israel in the teeth, he kicks the propagandist and the whole network as well. It's amazing they ever let him on television at all.

That he does all of this with a Scottish accent just puts this video right out of the park.

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Oh, and did you see that he's a MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT. How awesome is that!?

We have some of that caliber on this side of the pond -- Marcy Kaptur, for instance (who I would still kiss, right on the lips, given any opportunity). But, they're few and far between.

Enjoy the truth, even if you have to go over seas to find it,


[via my faithful Canukistani operative "Yuri," from Martini Lahoud's blog]


Kate said...

fucking brilliant!

msherm said...

Galloway is notorious for this sort of thing. He and Christopher Hitchens have some good exchanges that you can read about. name calling, personal attacks, good stuff!

Bpaul said...

Hitchens is such a dick. Even when I agree with him I think he's a dick.

Galloway I love, however. It's the accent. And the face full of truth LOL.

lynx said...

every time i see an interview with Galloway I want to move to Scotland and live in the district he represents just so I can say - for the first time in my life - that the elected politician who's supposed to represent me actually does speak to my views.

babs said...

ahhahahhahah - I agree with Kate, fucking brilliant!

gorgeous george, as he was known, was the MP for the glasgow district I lived in back in the 80's (for yes, I AM that old) - he's controversial, there are many tales to tell of him - but just watching him go to it here brought up some huge nostalgia for outspoken people who seek the truth behind the bullshit we get fed daily. . .

well I remember him during the massive protests against such things as "poll tax" , the sell off of national assets, the financial "big bang" in "the city" of london - years of co-ordinated efforts against thatcher's sell out of british sovereignty - something americans are just beginning to see happen here too.

he's now MP for and london east end borough known for anarchists and rabble rousers, bethnal green,
and I seem to remember he was booted out of the labour party for seriously dissing tony blair's re-election? and formed a new socialist party called "respect"?

anyhow, thanks for this film - it really reminded me that the truth is still being spoken, if not broadcast ^^

babs said...

PS: george is the generation punk rock (late 70's early 80's UK), which bears NO relation to spikeydrunkenshoutyboyrawk, and represents profound distrust and disgust at the "systems" that we "buy" into. . .

ya wonder why I am the way I am, lol.

Shocho said...

Awesome! I love him.