Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Morning Awesome: Wingnut Confections

What is more awesome than candy? Well locally made, organic, fair-trade, vegan bike-delivered candy of course!

Wingnut Confections is the brain-child my friend Dave Beer. With a history as a pastry chef, and an adoration of dark chocolate, he decided to create candies of an entirely different caliber. Since Dave has plenty of friends with an intolerance to dairy, he worked to create luscious chocolate without it. He figured it out.

I can vouch for the truffles, they're amazing. They're fantastic. He has some trippy flavors as well, including Thai Chili, and Habanero Mole.

I don't know that I could say what my favorite truffle is, but some days its Thai Chili, and others (many others) its Earl Grey. Of course there is much research yet to do, as he has candied Oregon nuts, candied citrus, and Goji berry/Brazil nut clusters that I haven't even tried yet.

It's a rough assignment, but I'll do it -- for you, the reader.

Where do you get em? First off -- you can get them on line. Better yet, you can find Dave at the People's Farmer's Market year round (Wednesdays) and Saturdays at the Hollywood Farmer's Market (which just opened May 2nd). They are also carried in many local stores, including Whole Foods, the Alberta Co-op Grocery, and Proper Eats (among many others, check the link).

Now if I can only convince Dave to start mass-producing his fruit meade so I can have it more often...

Enjoy your friends pulling off epic business feats,


[all photo credits at the Wingnut Confections website]


david said...

why, thank you my friend! one new thing that i (as in 'wingnut confections') have recently come up with is vegan coconut toffee. currently only available directly through our farmer's market locations = but will be making it into our stores and websites as soon as i get the labeling and packaging down.
oh, and mr. Bp, i almost always have some meade available for trade with your sweet self ;-)

and i have some of said toffee for you too!

~ david - wingnut confections

Bpaul said...

Dude, bring it :-)

Catherine Just said...

that looks delicious. And I love that he lived in Minnesota too. Similar adventures. now If I could find a chocolate that is sugar free.....dairy free......and still tasy?