Friday, May 8, 2009

Basking Sharks' hiding places found

The headline above, in a recent Discovery News article both excited me and bummed me out.

It's awesome that we know more about these animals (the 2nd largest fish in the sea) -- but holy hell the shark-finners know too. Or -- maybe they already knew and now the sharks can possibly be protected.

Most of the travel itinerary that the scientists discovered using tracking devices was quite a surprise:

"Tags came off in a wide range of locations, the scientists reported today in the journal Current Biology, from New England to the coast of Brazil in the Southern Hemisphere. Other locations included the Sargasso Sea, the Puerto Rico Trench, and the Guyana coast.

Five sharks traveled more than 2,400 kilometers (nearly 1,500 miles). One spent a month hanging out near the mouth of the Amazon River."

Enjoy learning more about some of the most impressive and vulnerable animals on the planet,


[photo credit in linked article]

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