Monday, May 11, 2009

British Member of Parliament spots undercover cops inciting riot at G20 conference

The G20 met in London last month. This, as always, incited protests. Something funny was going on -- as folks in the protest noticed a couple of gents throwing things and yelling at other people to do the same. They turned out to be plainclothes police. Some snippets from the article --

This from an eye-witness: "He [one of the alleged officers] was egging protesters on. It was very noticeable," Amos said. "Then suddenly a protester seemed to identify him as a policeman and turned on him. He ­legged it towards the police line, flashed some ID and they just let him through, no questions asked."

Here is MP Tom Brake's statement: "When I was in the middle of the crowd, two people came over to me and said, 'There are people over there who we believe are policemen and who have been encouraging the crowd to throw things at the police,'" Brake said. But when the crowd became suspicious of the men and accused them of being police officers, the pair approached the police line and passed through after showing some form of identification."

Brake, a member of the influential home affairs select committee, will raise the allegations when he gives evidence before parliament's joint committee on human rights on Tuesday.

Cue X-files music.

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[Originally found at Boing Boing, photo credit in linked article]

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