Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apologies -- and a praying mantis eating a hummingbird

Sorry I've missed a couple posts here [in hindsight, I realized I only missed one post -- and this one is late]. We have house guests, in my computer room...


Here is a radical story about a Praying Mantis eating a Hummingbird to keep you over until I get back. The pictures are a bit -- strong -- so I'm just providing the link and a g-rated wiki image.

Click at your own discretion.

Enjoy insects pulling off impressive carnivorous feats,


[article via Uncle Ted, mantis image via Wiki Commons]


girl cousins said...

crazy. sheltered Jamie had no idea a mantis could/would/should do that. fascinating. Brandon, you've done it again!

Dale said...

That's really cool, but I have to admit, I'm skeptical.

Bpaul said...

That you're skeptical, Dale, aught not surprise either one of us, no? It's kind of your job :-)

Dale said...

Bpaul, yes it is! And not just the job I portray having on the internets! Thanks for seeing that. Most people who consider the matter just think I'm cranky. And they're right, of course, but they should see that I am not ONLY cranky.

I will also add: if praying mantises can hunt hummingbirds -- and believe me, I *hope* it's true -- then they are even more awesome than I already thought they were.

And if so, I demand to have one as a pet.

Bpaul said...

I kept one as a pet for over two weeks as a kid. The trick was -- nights were cool enough that it would "stay" on the bush I left it on the night before. She was a very large female, and would hang out in my hair or on my shoulder as I rode my bike around. If I saw a bug, I'd get her on my hand and slowly bring her to the prey.

She seemed to "like" the arrangement enough to stick around during the day. Her loyalty at night had more to do with the activity (or lack thereof) of enzymes in low temperatures, but at the time I was touched.