Saturday, May 2, 2009

Double Dose of the Saturday Morning Awesome: Sonya the Slow Loris

[I found some video for ya'll] Sometimes, Cute is Awesome. Sonya is outlandishly cute. Some may have seen her via email, but when I came across a video at Neatorama it was a first for me. I had to post it.

Slow loris are polygamous primates from in and about SE Asia -- for those who need to know.

Let the awesomeness begin:

Sonya likes to eat bugs, too.


Mamatoosi said...

That thing is pretty cute, but also freakishly weird at the same time. Does it ever blink?

Bpaul said...

Welcome to the blog!

You know, considering the family of animals to which she belongs, she's supposed to blink.

But you've got a good point, I'm not sure I've seen it yet LOL.


Th eGood Rev. said...

Nom Nom Nom Nom!

OMG too much cute!