Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mail a brick to junk mailers on their dime

I've long amused myself with the practice of stuffing bulk mail "postage paid" envelopes with lots of folded up paper garbage, and even pennies taped to a piece of paper, and mailing them back. It's fun, it's vindictive, and it really does hurt their pocketbook.

This article takes the practice one step further -- mail 'em bricks. Apparently, taping the business envelope to the outside of a box, of nearly any size, still pays for the shipping.


Enjoy little tricks to make snail mail spamming unprofitable,



A.Stock said...

As a marketing professional, i have to admit that this is absolutely hilarious. And that's why I stick to email spam :)

Trantor said...

Sir, you are evil!! :D I love the idea, i'm not sure if that will work here in OZ, but its well worth a try lol

/waves at you and the good lady wife

Sharky said...

Yo Ho! This is a fine idea!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! This idea will bring some joy to my receiving junk mail. Look out Capitol One, et al! Damn, how long has the idea been lurking in the minds of filthy evildoers and why hasn't it surfaced before?

See you in hell!


Marty said...

Hmmm, wonder if it would pay the postage on a .....Buick? -insert evil laugh here-

And /wave at Trant