Thursday, February 19, 2009

A good morning/coffee kind of wake up story: Girnomous rat captured in China

In case any of ya'll missed this, a 6lb. rat with a 12-inch tail and 1-inch long teeth, was caught in a town on China's south coast. Look at that handsome fellow there. Apparently, the first thought is it is a Bamboo rat, which is eaten in China. But more tests are needed.

Now when all my gamer friends out there hear Giant Rat, they think of one of their first foes as they just purchased and started playing any number of games. It is so common that it's used as kind of a retro, tongue-in-cheek gamer theme now.

I don't know what "class" of giant rat that little dude is, but methinks Mr. Xian just got some XP.

Oh, and yes it is a ROUS -- maybe it's presence means that the Fire Swamps are actually someplace on the coast of Southern China eh?

Enjoy over-sized rodents over coffee in the morning,


[although a viral story now, Ex-Pat, Canukistani Uncle Ted did send me this particular link]


Kipp said...

An under-sized nutria.

Bpaul said...

Nutria, tastey tastey nutria.