Monday, February 2, 2009

Chomsky, keepin' it real about the Obama administration

Here is Chomsky's first appearance since the election, shown on Democracy Now [an excellent source of real political information, btw].

Like a tiny little Godzilla, Chomsky comes to stomp on everyone's flowers. Though he does give credit where credit is due as well.

Interested in a different perspective on our current political scene? Then this is a good watch for you. Wanting to stay starry-eyed and blissful? Best skip it.

Enjoy fresh air, even if it's a bit chilly,



babs said...

I honestly lol'd at chomsky's reference to "brand obama" - and that he actively embraced the concept too - "brand" indeed - a fancy attractive package, sold to conned-sumers, who belatedly read the small-print ingredients only after purchase. . .

wish he'd also mentioned obama's treasury secretary tim geitner - ex pres. of the FED. . .and now a team of "economic advisors" led by Paul Volcker, ex chairman of the FED. . .

business as usual, yeah.

estu said...

I love Chomsky. In this particular context I had reached similar conclusions, stated both less articulatly and with a larger component of grumpiness.

He's always eye opening. In this case the revelation for me was the contrarian notion that Haiti and Bolivia have represented truer democracy that our vaunted system of government, as it exists in the 21st century.

Those who talked with me during election know that I believe that we need to break the back of the two-party system, as it is the major pillar of the status quo.