Friday, February 13, 2009

Judges admit to jailing children for money

You know, I occasionally get dour enough to figure shit like this happens -- but I talk myself out of it before I get too pissed off.

However, the world provides ample opportunity for righteous indignation. For fuck's sake people.

Why were privatized prisons a good idea again?

Oh, it looks like the judges are going to be getting sued civilly -- and may get some prison time (hold your breath on that one). Despite this, I have a punishment suggestion. Put them both in maximum security prison, after distributing a pamphlet describing their crimes to the prison population. Even a year might suffice, though 7 sounds better.



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Rob Cox said...

I believe, and I am not trying to just make an impression here, that these bastards should receive the following fate. (Your suggestion is a good start.)

I would add that the government that hired them should make sure that there is tv coverage about these 2 and what they did and that "The People" can witness their demise at whatever large stadium is nearby.

They should be taken there from the prison in shackles and cuffs. First, every child they sentenced to jail time that should not have been sentenced should be given an opportunity to enact vengeance. They should be allowed to bring in bottles of urine and bags of excrement to pour on the judges. And then they should be whipped until dead.

By doing what they did, they enhance the feeling of many in this country, that we do not have a system of justice, but of injustice.

I am sure that several of those children experienced physical or sexual abuse while in the "care" of the system. They or their parents should be the ones allowed to do the whipping if they so desire.

Any corrupt judge should receive a SEVERE PUBLIC punishment that can be witnessed by the people.