Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coyote on the light rail in Portland

Awesome photo.

The light rail scardey-cats now have "random wildlife" to add to their non-train-using rationalizations.

Enjoy any opportunity to see wildlife up close and personal,


[story via my faithful Canukistani operative "Yuri," photo from the Seattle Transit Blog]


LT said...

I was walking down my street early morn other day, still pretty dark, and saw a white, "wish bone" shape moving weirdly in the ditch. Closer, closer - up looked a skunk nose at me from his drink in the ditch, and he waddled into the brush.

I like skunks, though I was totally and drenchingly sprayed as a kid when I tried to beat one caught in the tap I'd set to death. Oy. Poor baby. I smelled for months, or it seemed to me sitting in class.

P.S. I fixed the link over there. Thanks.

Hey, you probably heard about the "Dream Job" on an island in the Great Barrier Reef. Check er out.

Bpaul said...

Nice video sir LOL.

Skunks are one of my favorite critters. I've wanted one as a pet for most of my life.

The big downside for them as pets, however, is that they love love love to dig and root. Meaning, the more house plants you have the worse off you are. In the winter, with all the plants in, we have 200+ in the house. No go.


Chuck Butcher said...

There are some real good reasons to have negative reactions to coyotes in urban environments.

Bpaul said...

Oh I hear you Chuck, I have chickens -- and cats.

I don't know why I put such a snarky comment regarding the coyote on the light-rail, I guess I had gotten tired of hearing anti-public transportation folks talk about how dangerous and untenable it was.

Bad day I guess.

Sharky said...

This story has been stolen...by me.

Bpaul said...

LOL you go Sharky, you go.