Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inflating your tire with lighter fluid

Hadn't posted anything this random in a while. Not only is it random, it's probably something that can come in handy in a pinch. Maybe that's a stretch, but it's cool nonetheless.

And, to be honest, I accidentally posted it today instead of for the Saturday Morning Awesome -- and now it won't go away. So there ya go Faux Pas becomes post.

Enjoy tricks that would make McGyver proud,


[via Butternutjelly]


A.Stock said...

I want to know a lot more about this now. Specifically, I'd like to know about the reason the tire was deflated, how air got in and the role the lighter fluid plays....and can any aerosol be used? I'm too lazy to google the answers here..anyone have a guess?

Chuck Butcher said...

The volume of the droplets of lighter fluid will increase hugely when ignited (mixing with ambient air. It would take a very flammable liquid to inflate a tire, hair spray might work. A caveate, get too much in there and blow that tire up in your face, possibly a fatal mistake. Tire explosions are very dangerous - very, very dangerous.