Monday, April 20, 2009

Dark Side of the Moon synched with The Wizard of Oz

We've all heard the rumors -- start the Pink Floyd album at a such-and-such point in the movie and it will blow your mind. There will be references left and right straight to the movie from the music.

Well, I hadn't ever gotten it up to try, but thanks to the intartubes -- here it is. Pre-sycnched and ready to watch.

Seems like one of those things one aught to do at least once, no?

Enjoy the remnant charms of the age of psychadelia,


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Kevin said...

I didn't really get into Pink Floyd at all until after I was done with my brief experimentation with psychedelics. Be that as it may, the older I get the more I enjoy Pink Floyd and this album in particular.

The corrolation between the album and the movie seems clear in some ways and less clear in other ways. I'm only 11 minutes into it at the moment. But I'm of the opinion that any excuse to listen to Dark Side of the Moon is a good one.