Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Possible cure for Colony Collapse Disorder?

According to this article in Science Daily, scientists in Spain have isolated a specific parasite, Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia), in two separate apiaries inflicted with CCD. They treated the remaining bees in the apiaries and the bees recovered from the affliction.

This is only the first study, but you can be sure that this success will be tested many times over.

A cure for CCD affects us all. Even though other news items have grabbed the spotlight, if we lose our bees a massive hit in agricultural production is guaranteed.

Even though the cure used wasn't organic, if it works then we have avoided a serious, real catastrophe (unlike hysterical over-reaction to the "catastrophe-that-isn't-yet" like the swine flu).

Enjoy a chance that worldwide agriculture was saved by a couple microbio geeks in Spain,


[Photo credit in linked article, "Pig plague and Twitter" article via Uncle Ted]


Trappin' Pat said...

The swine flu is not a BS fake hysteria, people have died and more will. What is unknown is how bad it will pan out to be. Caution is a good policy especially since what can be done by individuals is within our grasp. Much has changed since the Spanish flu epidemic but another killer flu will someday evolve, and when it does there will be many –like you- who will want to minimize the threat biased on the most recent minor outbreak. The article you cited was the information spread via twitter which is prone to short, undocumented messages spread around ill informed citizens.

I am very glad to hear that a cure for CCD may be pending.

Bpaul said...

It's true, I overstate the situation about the swine flu. It has killed folks, and that sucks.

The hysteria about it in the U.S., as opposed to cautious, vigilant awareness, is what I'm reacting to.

I don't expect we're going to get an epidemic out of this the likes of which people are quoting. Most of the numbers people are using to get all riled up are from epidemics before the existence of antibiotics for crissakes.

But you are right, people have died so it's not total B.S. I overstated.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I think they are barking up the wrong tree. Nosema Carnae is one of the many things that inflict the bees. Just about every beekeeper that medicates their bees uses Fumadil-B twice a year and they still suffer losses from CCD. This article is a fluff piece and right up there with the ones a few years back that blamed CCD on cell phones.

Bpaul said...


Thanks for a note from someone who is an expert in the field Guy.