Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bicycle ownage

Ok, just because I could care less about certain sports (most sports) doesn't mean I can't appreciate a master when I see one. The first minute or so of the video is the most boring -- I guess they wanted you to see some failures before they showed you the cream of the crop.

But this guy owns. Seriously.

Reminds me of when Michael Jordan was still playing hoops. I'd watch a game (ok, part of a game... some of a game) just because he was so miraculous on the court. This kid's the same way.

Amazing stuff.

Best thing is, my MOM sent me the video link. Go figure.

Enjoy watching people excel, completely, at something -- anything,


1 comment:

GoodReverend said...

Saw this the other day - serious skills. I think there'e a little bit of reverse video mixed in - he doesn't seem to be riding a fixed gear bike, but at times he pedals backward in a way incompatible with a freewheel, but it doesn't take away from the crazy bad-assed-ness of it.

yes, Virginia, that is some prodigious pwnage.