Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Morning Awesome: Best Photo Ever

First the photo:

I'm speechless. This photo so full of awesome I can hardly stand it.

And win. It's full of win too.

I saw it in the Portland Mercury Blog, Blogtown, Pdx. Apparently it was stolen by someone who worked in a photo lab. So it's not only awesome in its own right, it's anonymous and stolen -- which just punts it into the stratosphere.

I had to delay posting this a few days to make it the Saturday Morning Awesome. For all I know it's viral by the time this post goes up.

If you are into Haiku, Blogtown is challenging folks to Haiku the picture in the comments. Which is also awesome.

Enjoy bathing in anonymous awesomeness,



Dale said...

I agree. That is superb.

Ah, to work in a photo processing lab ...

A.Stock said...

Next time you get a sweet pic like this, you should invite us readers to submit our own captions; Dysfunctional Family Circus style.

Bpaul said...

I just need to figure out how to put a caption on a picture and that will work great LOL.

But it would be fun ;-)

Stanoman said...

Boy: Oh man, now where will I eat lunch?

and seperately:
Girl: Daddy, look! I can turn tricks now that I've burned my school down!