Monday, June 1, 2009

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer perform "When I Go" (Portland, 2001)

I've heard this song before, but not for a while. My friend Lisa E. posted this and reminded me how effing fantastic it is.

Here is the youtube poster's note: "The late, great Dave Carter and the very much alive and vibrant Tracy Grammer performing at the St John's Pub, Portland, Oregon, 2001"

This is a song for the ages. Just one of those songs that gets it right and sets the bar. Definitely worth setting aside some time and having a moment.

If you enjoyed that version, check out Bryan Bowers covering it on autoharp.

Enjoy hearing music that you know carries weight from the past, and will survive long into the future,



Anonymous said...

I loved these -- the song and the names are new to me but are definitely in my 'new favorites' category. Thanks! va momma

Kate said...

love it =)

Anonymous said...

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