Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A little peek into the workings of The Daily Show

Here is a bit of an interview with some Daily Show folks that ends up shining a light on how the show works in the field.

It's Colbert talking about how the show got sued over a piece they did in Southern California. In the process of telling the story you get a glimpse into how sneaky they are in pulling this stuff off.

Very entertaining.

Enjoy peeking behind the scenes a bit,


[via the fabulous Dani of Dani Boynton Photography, up in Canukistan]


Shocho said...

Wonderful! Marvelous! I love those guys. Thanks1

Muse said...

Sweet, I totally stole Yuri's credit for this one. ;)

Bentley said...

Oh well, Dani can have it :P