Saturday, May 8, 2010

The End.

Hello all,

I believe its time to put this blog to rest. I'm going to pursue other writing projects. I appreciate all the feedback and banter and friends this blog has generated. I will be staying in touch with my "blog friends" despite halting posts on this web site.

I'm going to keep the site up, as at this point I can see folks are enjoying the archives and I still get comments from long-past posts that confirm this.



[photo credit, Wiki Commons]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday (not morning) Awesome: Homeless man's cover of "Creep"

This is a homeless man named Mustard, covering Radiohead's song Creep on the Opie and Anthony's satellite radio show. Must give a language warning for all the kiddos out there.

He owns this song, and I just can't stop watching. Hope you enjoy it too.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Dudes: Spotted Bat (Euderma maculatum)

Michael Durham Photography has a plethora of great wildlife photos posted on his blog, which I encourage you to check out. This post with the Spotted Bat really caught my attention.

Here are some of the photos, click here for the rest. Oh and remember you can click on the photos to get bigger versions.

Enjoy little spotted furry flying dudes,


[all picture credits at Michael Durham's site]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sea Lion Crittercam

Some really great crittercam footage of Australian Sea Lions cruising around, and most importantly, attacking large octopi. Bad. Ass.

Enjoy watching animals do their thing,


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Awesome: Hi Res Bugs

You know you need a one-stop shop for all your high-res, ginormous bug photo needs. Here it is, a great collection on Flickr for your Entymological pleasure.

If you click on any of the pictures, above the display is a little text link called "all sizes." It is there that you can get the big, juicy pictures you need to create wallpaper and screen savers with.

No no, you don't have to thank me, really.

Some pictures from the collection to whet your whistle:

Enjoy getting up close and personal with some bugs,


[link via my Ex-Pat Canukistani Uncle Ted]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"On this day, in 1916, Ishi died"

I've been following The Suburban Bushwacker blog from across the pond. Tonight I saw a post there that I enjoyed, titled the same as this one (thus the quotation marks). At the end of this very readable post is a quote that I just love:

"Ishi felt Western society was essentially silly - the only things that impressed him were matches and glue"

Enjoy clarity reaching out through time to tap you on the forehead every once and a while,


[Original post here, photo via Wiki commons, quote via The Free Library]

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Awesome: UK politico rips EU president

There is a trend happening in the Saturday Morning Awesome (SMA) -- that of badassery.

Nigel Farage (click HERE for the Wiki on him) was fined £2700 by the parliament for making the speech below. I have no idea if his accusations are correct, or if he's doing anything more than browbeating the EU president. But it's awesome. And Farage, in this moment at least, is a badass the likes of which I'd love to see in U.S. politics.

Ps: I am blatantly ripping this genius find from Faith in Honest Doubt's pages. Rock on Dale.

You go Nigel, you go,