Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whups, Sea Shepherd pushes a bit too hard

Well the chess game in the Southern Seas just got a bit messier. Sea Shepherd lost a ship due to collision with a Japanese Whaler. Bad strategic move there, folks. That ship was a peach, and would have been extremely effective.

I don't know or care who did what -- they're playing with fire down there and folks are going to get burned. I still fully support Sea Shepherd's activities.

Here is an link to some video footage, and the type of vitriol the anti-environmentalist folks sling at Sea Shepherd.

Here's the thing -- the anti-whale, anti-environment folks always rail against the illegality of Sea Shepherd's actions, but not against the illegality of Japan's actions. Japan is blatantly breaching international law and lying about not using the whales for food (which they can't even find a market for, so they put in school lunches despite high levels of mercury). They're international poachers for crissakes. And there is zero enforcement down in those seas except for Sea Shepherd.

When the whales are gone, they're gone -- FOREVER. No take-backs.

Now, is the Sea Shepherd crew a bunch of amateurish, media-hungry blowhards? Well, sure. Sure they are. But I don't care. Forever is a very long time, and that's where I draw the line.


[photo credit in linked article, vitriolic video link via Dani Boynton Photography]


Dale said...

I agree 200%. The Japanese and their enablers are disgraceful in this.

Bpaul said...

Good to see a stalwart reader, despite my erratic posting lately.


Anonymous said...

Sure looked like the whaler yanked hard to starboard right before the collision. I could be wrong, of course, but I wouldn't be too fast to put it too hard on the Sea Shepharders.

Hey - happy New Year. How's the family?


Bpaul said...

Family's good. Little girl has a stuffed up nose, but no fever or anything. Just another thing to clean, doesn't affect too much, LOL.

Staying warm for ya down there?


Anonymous said...

Good to hear.

Little chillier today, but nothing extreme. Weird winter, though.