Monday, January 18, 2010

New band: The Finches

Ok I hesitate to post right off Boing Boing but I couldn't resist. Here is a video of finches 'playing' electric guitar.

But here's the capper -- what made me have to post this.

"the best angular, atonal, postpunk, improvisational guitar I've heard in a while."

Awesome. And a tip -- stick to .46 to see the stick-bowing finch rip it up.

Enjoy birds out-doing Dinosaur Jr.



Marty said...

Enjoy birds out-doing Dinosaur Jr.

NEVER!!! They would have needed a lot more reverb and echo to come close....and the one with the stick would have to get pissed off and chase all the other birds off and try to play all the instruments himself....

Bpaul said...

Nicely put sir, nicely put! Good to see you!


Anonymous said...

Loved, loved, LOVED it! We used to raise these little precocious fellas and their singing, which was seriously under-mic-ed here, is equally impressive... and they multiply like the proverbial rabbit.

ah, the good life--taught by birds--gotta be true! Povi