Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wild Kingdom in our back yard: Katydid about to get eaten by Miranda

I have a thing with Carnivorous plants. They're just too cool.

Last Mother's Day I sent The Wife to the local Orchid show with some money and said "get something that makes you happy." It was her first Mother's Day after all. She came home with the most amazing plant -- a Nepenthes Miranda Asiatic cobra plant. It's gorgeous.

I must plug Sarracenia Northwest here. They are a local Portland Oregon plant nursery that specializes in carnivorous plants. I'm happy they had a display at the Orchid show so the wife could run into this impressive plant. If you ever had an itch to get a carnivorous plant, click that link and see just how much variety and information they provide.

So -- on to the video.

Today when I came home for lunch I saw a bright green leaf on one of the pitchers. Then I saw it move. I got closer and saw that it was a Katydid. I've never seen one in our area so Miranda did quite a job of luring him in from who-knows-where. Amateur video to follow.

And the video in which I find out my flip camera software has no "rotate left" option in its edit options. Sorry 'bout that, but I'm posting it anyway.

Enjoy beautiful plants eating bugs,


[photograph via Petflytrap]


Anonymous said...

Love the Katydid AND the household of the Katye in on to the video of the little Hiccup maybe?...amid all the Lively Things at your house?? yum. povi

Anonymous said...

ps -- love the unique flip perspective on the second video--oh yes, we have OODLES of katydids out here in the hills of the Blue Ridge, lovely green. povi

nolocontendere said...

Great looking plant. How will it do overwinter?

Bpaul said...

We will see. This will be its first winter with us. It will definitely be inside.