Thursday, August 20, 2009

Backwards Beekeeper shows how he harvests honey

I just stumbled across this video on Boing Boing, and am now intrigued. The video is a nice watch about how the "Backwards Beekeepers" harvest their honey. One gets the sense that they do much of their beekeeping in an unconventional, bee-friendly fashion.

Here is a link to the Backwards Beekeepers blog -- I've only just started researching their methods and philosophy and I do like it, and their attitude. Biologically, their philosophy of maximizing and propagating already-naturalized populations of bees makes perfect sense. I strongly suspect I'll have more to report after I've spent some more time with their information.

Enjoy folks using their heads, and making awesome local honey in the process,



The Guy Who Writes This said...

Considering how much uncapped honey he took it's a wonder his customers don't get sick when his honey ferments in the jars.

The Village Homestead said...


Patrick Gracewood said...

That looks pretty simple, do-able. But what about the wax?

Bpaul said...

Just as with the top bar hives, you harvest a lot of wax with the honey. Makes more work for the bees the next year, but folks think it's worth the sacrifice so they can "be in charge of their own cell sizes."

I'm too newbish to know one way or the other, so I won't hazard an opinion.

Anonymous said...

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