Friday, July 24, 2009

Jobs that actually exist: Pedestrian Decoy

How'd you like to get paid to walk across a street (repeatedly) that's known to be dangerous to pedestrians so cops could catch crappy drivers as they nearly hit you?

The job exists, see this Blogtown post about it happening here in Portland.

Oh and as "entrapment-y" as it sounds... look at the details of the situation: tons of signage (4 signs on this site), and tons of cops in the open, right there, waiting. This is catching folks who REALLY aren't paying attention while driving.

Hell of a job -- wonder what the training was, dodgeball?


[photo credit in linked article]


Trappin' Pat said...

Catching drivers that act criminally negligent towards vulnerable roadway users with a decoy—I’m all for it.

Bpaul said...

No complaints here either.

BEING the decoy is the focus of my contemplation though. Both tedious, AND dangerous, geez.