Wednesday, July 29, 2009

National Do Not Call Registry -- Register Your Cell Phone Now

There is an email circulating that claims all our cell phone numbers are about to be distributed to telemarketers. This doesn't appear to be true. But the rest of the email is true -- it gives information on the National Do Not Call registry. Below is the information to get your phones put on that list:

Call this number: 888-382-1222 with the phone that you want on the list and register on the National Do Not Call registry.

Or you can go to the National Do Not Call Registry to register multiple numbers at once. I think I'll be doing both... you know, just to be safe.

Enjoy opting out,


[via Richard and T.]


Openly Guarded said...

You should read this press release before worrying about registering on the national do not call list.

Additionally, you should be careful to make sure you're registering with the official list. There is not an alternate list for cell phones.

Bpaul said...

Good info.

I did get that there wasn't a separate list for cell phones, that much was clear.

Regardless, I don't see how it would hurt to register our phones right?


Shocho said...

Thank you thank you.

Openly Guarded said...

Not really, but i would assume anything other than the official list is phishing scam and be vigilant when it comes to your personal information.

Bpaul said...

Triple checked the info above and it's all sound. No phishing there, it's safe.