Tuesday, July 14, 2009

D.C. police chief denounces ‘cowardly’ iPhone users for monitoring speed traps

A wonderfully subversive idea -- use mobile internet devices to tag and warn about photo radar sites. The cops calling folks who use these apps "cowardly" is even better. I love it.

It does help folks avoid drunk driving stops as well, however, which isn't awesome in my book.

Enjoy the complexity of being amused,


[via Uncle Ted, photo credit in Mac Daily News article]


Trappin' Pat said...

Speeding is the single most common law breaking that all people do. It is also the first contributing factor in nearly all accidents. As a bicyclist I am regularly hectored by inattentive, selfish drivers passing at what should be a normal passing distance but because of their speeding is too close and dangerous. I also get to see all the carnage of birds, and beasts that are rotting on the road that may have had a chance to escape if a selfish driver was going slower. Years ago I used to regularly speed; now I never speed intentionally. Years ago I used to hit birds and beasts, now I never do. There is NO EXCUSE for anyone who thinks of themselves as an environmentalist to EVER speed. Speeding pollutes more (both air and noise), and makes the road more dangerous for all road users. I’m not blaming Brandon here but the lackadaisical attitude towards speeding is something that really gets me angry (or frustrated). Live your life at all points and not just at your destinations. The trip is often the best part of the journey IF you take your time and pay attention. Speeding is selfish and dangerous and I encourage everyone to just try relaxing for a month and see what it’s like to slow down & reduce the stress of traveling competition from your life. (It’s a hard habit to break and took me years but its worth it.)

The Good Reverend said...

Wow - Amen to everything Pat said! [stands and applauds]

Bpaul said...

Good point, and well stated sir.

I have a knee-jerk rebellious response to all the automated surveillance in the world, so I still revel in this article.


Sharky said...

Oh, please. Traffic enforcement is about 99% about raising revenue and 1% about public safety.

I have personally reported violent attacks on the homeless to police to have them blow me off and then found parking tickets on my car.

BPaul, your response is not "knee-jerk." Never apologize for reveling in subversion.

Anonymous said...

If we were serious about preventing speeding, we would at least ticket people for passing through toll booths faster than is possible at legal speeds -- it's easy, there is no arguing that the radar isn't calibrated right, and it's cheap -- but nope, we keep stationing cruisers behind bridges.

Speeding could be seriously reduced if we were serious about reducing it, but then: no more revenue. So, cops are careful not to ticket so much that they affect behavior too much. They practice selective harvesting.

If this technology can be suppressed, then the business model can be preserved.