Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Awesome: Eagle Owl in Flight

Just fantastic video here of an Eagle Owl landing in slow motion. I have watched it over and over again, just noting how the feathers are moving around.

For the camera geeks in the audience, here is the Youtube writeup:

New Photron SA-2 High Definition High Speed Camera. Shot of 'Checkers' the eagle owl, 1000fps 1920x1080 resolution. Shot by SlowMo ( See the owl and other birds of prey at

Enjoy watching flight,


[via Uncle Tom]


Chuck Butcher said...

Wow, at 1080 dpi, hey Mr Mousie this is the last thing you ever see...

Bpaul said...

Yep, I just confirmed it. I could watch this thing dozens of times...

Was a good catch.

Good to see you as always Mr. Butcher,