Thursday, March 25, 2010

"On this day, in 1916, Ishi died"

I've been following The Suburban Bushwacker blog from across the pond. Tonight I saw a post there that I enjoyed, titled the same as this one (thus the quotation marks). At the end of this very readable post is a quote that I just love:

"Ishi felt Western society was essentially silly - the only things that impressed him were matches and glue"

Enjoy clarity reaching out through time to tap you on the forehead every once and a while,


[Original post here, photo via Wiki commons, quote via The Free Library]


LT said...

Excellent. Although I think he would have liked the guitar, too.

P.S. My word verification word is "rockshgz." Giggity.

Bpaul said...

Good to see you around the blog sir. Nice verification word, as well.


LT said...

Nice to see you, too. All's well. Scraped ice off the windows this morning, it's hopefully reach 65 today.