Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've got these ideas, see

So I have these ideas that I'm tracking down. Things I'm investigating, plans I'm making, hopes I'm fostering. They're based on principals I picked up somewhere which felt right, but I've found that principals without action of some sort -- even the investigatory, learning-phase sort -- give me heartburn (note to self: have actually had heartburn a lot lately, maybe my mind is trying to tell me something here). ZeFrank had a great term for the unfulfilled ideas, brain crack.

Anyway, I was following a post I made on the Paleo board regarding tanning boar hide, and I realized -- if I talk about this stuff in a blog I'm totally outing myself LOL. This stuff seems normal to me now but you know what, its pretty wierd actually LOL.

C'est La Vie, out I come I guess.

Since I study Biology, have always studied nature, one central idea (should I call these meme's yet? Might be a bit heavy-handed)I'm on is finding uses for non-native invasive species. I'll have to develop this idea over a few posts so it doesn't become a huge, boring post. One of these invasive destructive species is Wild Boar. They are part of one of my lines of thought about eating/utilizing/creating a market for non native invasive species.

Quick overview: When humans decide a wild animal is tastey, or useful -- what is the most common result? Extinction or severe depletion of stocks. Why not turn this around and create markets/tastes/fads that require non-native destructive species to execute? Why not eat them?

So -- in Spain there is a whole food culture based on wild boar. There are cultural mores like looking at the hooves to make sure they are dark or black, meaning that pig was wild and eating lots of acorns and will taste especially good.

Wild boar are tearing up central and northern California like a flock of crazed rototillers. While I don't eat a lot of pork, you do the math.


Tate said...

wow, great idea there i think you are on to something. one could essentialy use all of the boar for various things. food , clothing, etc

Bpaul said...

Waste not want not, I always say.

Or was that my depression-era neighbor when I was a kid... yeah, it was her.

Shocho said...

Very Native American of you. I like pork.