Friday, March 30, 2007

A bit more musing at the start here

I'm at this point considering writing these posts like I write my letters -- no edit. Well, grammatical editing, but no musing and rewriting etc etc. I dig Kerouac's sentiment -- "editing is censorship." I also love Capote's take on Kerouac's style -- "that's not writing, that's typewriting."

So, yeah -- rambles -- weird punctuation, fragments, who knows. I'm sure my style, especially at first, is going to make my dear technical-editor friend Tommy's eyes bleed with my slack writing form (he blogs too).

Hmm, might be time to start a links section.


Shocho said...

You will evolve a voice that tells you whether you should edit or punctuate and stuff like that. Also things which are off limits, such as don't talk about work (see

Grats on fixing the linky thing.

stingite said...

I told you already!! I don't edit when I'm not being paid to do so.


So fun.

Bpaul said...

Good advice -- and wow, that lady makes her living for her whole family with her blog?